Xh system house

house as a system

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location: anywhere on earth
project date: 2013-2014
open source since 28.10.2016
area: 59 m2, 105m2, 165m2, 352m2, …
type: residential, housing, public,…

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič,
Naia Sinde, Alessandro Fonte
visualizations: Alessandro Fonte, Martin Kruh

unknown user and client, and unknown needs and behaviour
unknown context (physical, climatic, economic, technological, material)
= need for customisation

Home or a holiday-home?
DIY or construction company?

A small simple proto-house defines the basic unit of a system. It is a single storey volume with a central core and a set of XL windows that outline its particular appearance. It can work as a small home or a holiday-house, or just as one of several units within a larger aggregation. First, the number of units and the length of each define the scale and the final volume of the house. Second, the selection of the unit core type defines a series of possible scenarios, with specific users’ needs for small and large households. Third, a type of a specific version of the add-on (extruded window) or chosen facade & roof cladding further define the customisation and the presence of the house. Within a set of different decisions the generic volume is customised to the user’s needs and specific context, and becomes one’s home or holiday home.