university campus Sonce

palace of knowledge

location: Koper, Slovenia
project date: 2010
completion date: –
area: 59.000 m2
type: educational
source: open competition, honourable mention
client: University of Primorska

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič, Martina Marčan, Eva De Sabbata, Lea Kovič, Daniel Schwartz, Ana Štebe, Tea Smrke,
Vid Zabel, Marko Dekleva

University Campus Sonce acts as an autonomous complex with its own urban development rules. However, it should be closely associated with the city centre. Our design proposes a Campus which creates a new social node, an attractor, which also expands the existing city centre of Koper to its broader surroundings. Due to the specific location of the Campus in the peripheral area of the city, we propose an introverted mono-volume for the university part of the Campus, and a specific volume, a landmark, for the common library building. The site for the new Sonce Campus is part of the »circumferential band« of Koper, which consists mostly of bigger volumes, with business or commercial content. The identity of the area can be read from the emphasized contrast between the scale of the old city centre (SMALL) and the scale of the business-commercial circumferential band (XL). Towards the north-east, the scale of built tissue increases with the port facilities of Luka Koper (XXL).