university campus livade

open network

location: Izola, Slovenia
project date: 2006 – 2007
completion date:
area: 51.650 m2
type: educational
source: open competition, 1. prize
client: University of Primorska

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič,
Lea Kovič, Simon Vrščaj, Tea Smrke, Ana Bernik, Ana Štebe, Matej Nolda, Primož Boršič,
Martina Marčan, Vid Zabel, Katja Ševerkar

University Campus Livade works as an autonomous urban fabric with its own rules – but, simultaneously it has to have strong bonds with the Mediterranean town of Izola. We are proposing an urban scheme of a campus, that creates new attraction and that does not compete, but rather extends and completes the existing town centre of Izola. The organization of built mass allows for maximum public permeability in physical as well as visual terms. Common programs such as the library, canteen, gallery and the deanery with administration, of the campus, are collected in the main entrance building that visually and programmatically represents the campus “head” on the scale of the town fabric. The Campus is planned as three main sections: the “head” building, the network of stretched H plan faculty buildings and student housing next to a tree lane. The campus master plan integrates the concept of progressive adapting to the changing needs of the University with the adaptable or open network of faculty buildings where, within the grid, one can adapt the size of the main faculty buildings (A,B,C,D) as well as their lower connectors (B2, C2,D2). Special attention was given to the design of all open spaces which carefully correspond within the grid of the system.