University campus Livade 1.0

specific character of education - prefabricated extruded windows

location: Livade 6, Izola, Slovenia
project date: 2007
completion date: 2016
area: 3.545 m2
type: educational
source: public competition
client: University of Primorska
photos: Miran Kambič,
Miran Kambič Photography

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič, Lea Kovič, Martina Marčan, Ana Štebe Krapež, Daniel Schwartz, Katja Ševerkar

The Livade 1.0 object is the first built faculty building in a broader-based project of University campus Livade in Izola, a winning competition project in a public urban-architectural competition organized by the University of Primorska in 2006.

University Campus Livade works as an autonomous urban fabric with its own rules – but, simultaneously it has to have strong bonds with the Mediterranean town Izola. We are proposing an urban scheme of campus that creates a new attraction that does not compete, but rather extends and completes the existing town center of Izola. Organization of built mass allows for maximum public permeability in physical as well as visual terms. Common programs, as the library, the canteen, gallery and the deanery with the administration, of the campus are collected in the main entrance building that visually and programmatically represents the campus “head” on the scale of the town fabric.

Campus consist of four basic complexes/parts:
a) the main object as a main urban emphasis – campus sign (library, deanery and canteen)
b) new network tissue/fabric in the central part (lecture complex with cabinets and laboratories)
c) city structure along Prešernova street (student housing)
d) sports hall in the background

The campus master plan integrates the concept of progressive adapting to changing needs of the University with the adaptable or open network of faculty buildings where within the grid one can adapt the size of the main faculty buildings (A,B,C,D) as well as their lower connectors (B2, C2,D2). A special attention was given to the design of all open spaces which carefully correspond within the grid of the system.

Livade 1.0 is the first in the network of four interconnected faculty buildings, each organized as a two shifted concrete narrow volumes in the shape of letter H. It is designed and positioned in such a way, that enables the future phase development of the university campus, that is, the construction of facilities with associated external arrangements throughout the whole processing area, and at the same time, after the completion of the first phase, it functions as an independent build, design and functional unit.
The programs are distributed vertically from more to less public: lecture halls – research labs – offices.
Organization of spaces is designed around the central atrium to avoid the formation of long and dark corridors, the communication appears as larger or smaller fields, which continue through the facility from start to finish, so they are always directly or indirectly illuminated through the glass facade or internal walls to the atrium.
The position of seminar rooms and kitchenettes for common use is set around the central part, along the communication core, where the direct view towards the sea and the city is possible from the upper floors. The glazed corridors along the northern facades of the lecture rooms enable views towards the city and at the same time point to the life of the campus in the opposite direction. Premises of departments and laboratories are organized around two longitudinal corridors, extending towards the north and south, and thus form a half-closed atriums.