profile / thinking

We understand design as research and a response to specific constrains and conditions of each project. We research the conditions: spatial, social, material, historical, typological, climatic… Our aim is to challenge the obvious.

There is no style, but rather a systematic design approach as an organizational technique for the intense structuring of space and challenging the use of materials with exposing their natures. We are concerned with the user and therefore aiming to stimulate new social interactions among users, users’ participation in the design process and customisation to users’ needs. We promote the ideas of sharing spaces and services in order to meet ecology as well as social interaction. We do not understand sustainability as a high-tech approach but as an ecological attitude. Architecture is oscillating between searching for eternity and experimenting in the ephemeral. If we pursue the enormous distinction between potentially long-lasting and temporary projects, we start to participate in ecological strategy.

The work spans different scales and programs as well as diverse climates and localities. The understanding of each is crucial for any subtle response within the codes of each context.