staircase house

vertical space division, stairs as spatial element

location: Grožnjan, Croatia
project date: 2013
completion date: –
area: 800 m2
type: residential
source: invited competition
client: private

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič,
Vid Zabel, Naia Sinde, Sergio Sanchez,
Ander Fernandez, Jure Kolenc

Standing at a privileged position over the village of Grožnjan in Istria, this home primarily features a division between public and private areas, stratifying according to functionality and social needs.

The staircase appears as an edge element in the vertical growth of the house. Underneath it those private spaces are separated one from another. Up above the staircase becomes a connecting element at the horizontal, creating a continuous fluid space that could be used to enhance everyday life as well as for all those social scenarios that may occur where the staircase becomes an element full of opportunities.