SNG Drama refurbishment

refurbishment of the national theatre

location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
project date: 2016 – 2017
completion date: –
area: 8750 m2
type: public
source: open competition, honorable mention
client: SNG Drama Ljubljana

project team:
dekleva gregorič architects + Mojca Kocbek Vimos

dekleva gregorič project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič, Naia Sinde, Jan Žužek, Martin Kruh, Martina Marčan, Vid Zabel

The central institution in the field of theatre in Slovenia is located in the centre of Ljubljana, along the Slovenska and Erjavčeva street. Together with nearby institutions, Cankarjev dom and Trg republike, it represents the cultural centre of Slovenia. The theatre is located at the triangular intersection of three streets (Slovenska street, Erjavčeva street and Igriška street) and thus, by its position, forms a spatial focus in the considered housing block.

The existing theatre building today consists of a historical part and an extension to its south side. The competition proposal predicts the demolition of the extension and main stage, as well as the construction of a new one in the same dimensions. The proposal consists of a whole that connects the historical part of the existing Drama, new horizontal volume and underground extension.

The Concept of the new visual identity od the Drama proposes present but at the same time subtle part, that does not overdo the historical part but creates a unique background with a clear identity. Theatre curtain becomes the main motif of the extension and in the way presents the special dramatic events within Drama to the whole city and its users.

New Drama extension primarily highlights the public happening/events in the vertical foyer along the Slovenska street, which forms around the clearly present volumes of the halls, both in terms of pre-production of individual performances, as well as the happening before and after the performances/events. On the other hand, the underground extension connects both parts of the theatre and creates a clear theatre square which serves as a carpet of the new Drama.