revitalising a Tobacco factory area

master plan: landmark + new systematic fabric

location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
project date: 2007
completion date: –
area: 200000 m2
type: office-housing
source: open competition, 1. prize
client: IMOS – G d.o.o.

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič,
Lea Kovič, Simon Vrščaj, Tea Smrke,
Primož Boršič, Ana Bernik

New mixed use redevelopment of an area of a former Tobacco factory, right on the edge of the centre of the city of Ljubljana. The brief required the organisation of 100.000m2 of new build floor space, and the redevelopment of 20.000m2 in the old industrial heritage. As the area always had its own identity with its own parameters, the project merely upgrades them in order to form new generative entity, with a specific system of mixed use bases with roof parks and residential towers in the north and a new office-hotel landmark on the main junction. The volume of the landmark corner building derives from the old principal monumental heritage building of the former factory, in order to become the new principal. The project forms the city’s new metropolitan area with a series of diverse open spaces from a large scale plaza, to a park-square, to a network of small squares to allow for different activities of the residents, employees or visitors.