museum MdBG regensburg

monolithic building

location: Regensburg, Germany
project date: 2013
area: 11.240m2
type: museum
source: open competition
client: Regensburg Building Control Department

project team:
dekleva gregorič arhitekti
eyland 07

team dekleva gregorič arhitekti:
Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič, Naia Sinde,
Vid Zabel, Sara Tomazin, Martin Kruh,
Barbara Žunkovič, Ander Fernandez

team eyland 07: René Rissland

Differently sized volumes are integrated with their pitched roofs in historic city settings, and embed themselves into the existing structure. They are aligned with their gable ends to the Danube and to the city. The external appearance of the new structure is characterized as a clear monolithic building. The buildings represent the different functional areas of the museum landscape: permanent exhibitions, special exhibitions, Bavariathek, showroom, events, etc..

The base, which houses the main foyer and service spaces, connects the buildings with each other. The roof of the base serves as the Belvedere, linking the city with the river.

A building that can function beyond its role as an exhibition space, and also as a learning and training space, with events, culture and communication. In addition to the formal spatial structures and functions, informal spaces, quiet zones and additional action areas are available, both indoors and outdoors. The museum should be seen as an opportunity space, as an intergenerational future workshop.