location: anywhere on earth
project date: 2015
completion date: –
area: 14 m2, 20m2, 25m2
type: residential
source: commision

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič,
Naia Sinde

This simple and attractive system of houses can perform as an additional independent dwelling on a backyard, a guest house or a weekend retreat in the middle of the nature. Available in three different sizes to fulfil different needs: S – 14 m2, M – 20 m2 and L – 25 m2. Its outside dimensions, 3.55m in width by 5.65m, 7.45m or 9.35m in length and 3.50m of height, make it feasible to pre-manufacture it in building contractor facilities and transport it to the location. This, together with its simple structural concept, renders the house affordable.

Careful detailing and quality material selection make the house a fine product for pleasurable use. Functional organisation of the interior space features the ‘service stripe’, which provides for all the services and storage to be neatly packed to one side of the volume, while the majority of space is completely free and flexible. The services include the compact bathroom, an integrated individual bed/sofa (convertible into double bed), an integrated sofa (convertible into an additional double bed), mini kitchen and storage. The whole living, cooking, dining and sleeping area is one big space that can adapt to your own needs.

However, the design enables for a completely empty unit as well, to be used as a shell of any desirable programme of future users. The three windows are positioned strategically to allow for best natural light condition and for optimal cross ventilation of the interior spaces. The main living space is equipped with the big entrance sliding window, which enlarges the indoor to the outdoor space stretching on to a large outdoor terrace.