kindergarten K

location: Kašelj, Ljubljana, Slovenia
project date: 2013
completion date: –
area: 1.500 m2
type: educational
source: open competition
client: Municipality of Ljubljana

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič,
Lea Kovič, Vid Zabel, Ander Fernandez

plot and surroundings
The building is designed as a barrier against the noisy roads to the north, creating a calm, south orientated space where the playground is located.
Green areas surround the new proposal, integrating it in the neighbourhood, and providing the outside spaces protection from the sunlight during the summer thanks to the deciduous trees planted.

typology and uses
The inside distribution has been developed to get the most suitable conditions for each use.
All the playrooms have south orientation and views of the playground. The access area is displayed between the north road and new building, so that the user feels the transition from the busy street to the new building.
Different uses are distributed around a classic longitudinal corridor system, which has been developed as a multi-use space for all the common activities of a kindergarten.