kindergarten B

system of hexagons

location: Brežice, Slovenia
project date: 2011
completion date: –
area: 3.500 m2
type: educational
source: open competition
client: municipality of Brežice

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič,
Lea Kovič, Vid Zabel, Primož Boršič, Martina Marčan

The placement of this kindergarten respects the urban context of Brežice, the »modernist city«, where built tissue is placed as pavilions, surrounded by greenery. The new building is therefore a pavilion, integrated with greenery, which is extroverted and opens onto a green playground and indirectly to the city. In terms of ecology and economy, the new building is rational. It is positioned to a large extent within the perimeter of the former kindergarten. The same applies to the access, parking and paved surfaces.

Due to the typology of the new building, all playrooms get an equal share of the green surroundings and are equally visually connected to the city. In this way, the children are aware of the surrounding greenery and the city of Brežice. The structured volume of the new kindergarten has the same spatial characteristics as the existing adjacent school – also an extra-large facility with a specific program.