housing D

scattered individuality within the common

location: Dragomelj , Slovenia
project date: 2006 –
completion date: –
area: 14×150 + 8×800 + 3.600 (12.100 m2)
type: housing
source: open competition, 1. prize
client: SSRS – National Housing Trust

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič,
Lea Kovič, Simon Vrščaj

The urban design of a new addition to neighbourhood D introduces different forms of dispersed building volumes. Their organization forms a gradual transition from the existing compact housing through the field of mini- blocks to the area of twin houses, next to the meandering local stream. Along the southern road we aggregate a single highly segmented spatial structure, forming a compact and permeable edge of the neighbourhood. This new part of the neighbourhood is designed as a whole, constituted of the various individual parts or functional units, where each has its own spatial and social identity. Together with the existing housing the new one creates a neighbourhood with a variety of dwelling options related to different levels of intimacy: mini block (8 flats + atrium house), twin house, atrium ground floor flat, duplex…