house 4 for 1

multiplying the traditional

location: Vrhovlje, Slovenia
project date: 2010 – 2011
completion date: –
area: 280 m2
type: residential
source: commission
client: private

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič,
Lea Kovič

The region of the Karst was once covered with Oak trees that Venetians extensively used to build up the city on water. They left the wind to peel off the earth, revealing limestone ground. The tradition of small, compact, stony and almost windowless houses developed and has remained until today. Retaining the traditionally small scale volumes, the house is composed of 4 houses that form 2 semi-patios protected from the wind. The ascetic interior is connected with a corridor-less floor plan where dining, cooking, playing and studying work as a fluid space connecting private spaces and services.