home for the elderly, izola

mini atrium apartments

location: Izola, Slovenia
project date: 2013
completion date: –
area: 7.000 m2
type: housing
source: invited competition
client: Real Estate Fund of Pension and Disability Fund

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič,
Vid Zabel, Naia Sinde, Rosanna Wischhoff,
Sergio Sanchez, Ander Fernandez

zasnova instalacij in energetike: Jože Oblak
zasnova konstrukcije: Gorazd Črnko
vizualisations: Matej Mejak

The characteristics of the parcel, located in Livad (Izola), allow functional duality proposed for the new elderly apartments and social centre, thanks to the proximity of the sport centre, a new university campus, elementary school and elderly housing.

The “Mini Atrium House” is proposed with the objective of providing comfort, well-being and appropriate lighting inside the apartments, combining different units to achieve optimal building functionality. The displacement of each unit and the two orientations of the lodge allow two views from each apartment and improve the climatic behaviour of the units, reducing heat loss.

Along the common corridor, several commonly used spaces are situated, in order to get different integration and social relations between residents. Depending on the requirements of the users, different modules of shared uses are proposed: resting areas, common kitchens or shared living rooms.

The basement hosts the Centre of Daily Activities, a place to develop plenty of different activities and social scenarios. In this way, the proposed space provides flexibility and changing shape at the more accessible and visible point of the parcel. It is the main connection between the residence area and urban dynamics.