change me, touch me

location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
project date: 2006
completion date: 2006
client: FSB

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič, Elisabeth Koller

We work as a creative couple. We can not change that fact. We have developed 2 radically different initial concepts and further upgraded each of them together as a couple. The 2 proposals do not relate to each other or to the question of the indoor and outdoor, but they do try to challenge the substantial characteristics of the handle. What do we as architects require / desire from a door handle?

To be essential

The lever rose seems unnecessary since its primary task is to cover or hide, yet at the same time over-determines the look of a handle.

How to eliminate the lever rose?

To blend with the doors

In most of our projects we use custom made doors, in addition we try to find a handle that would not stand out, but remain subtle and blend with its background. Furthermore each project is unique and different.

Let’s customize the handle!

The experience of touch

The material of a handle should primarily respond to the touch of a hand.

Then tactility becomes the essential experience.