cross footbridge

identity over river

location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
project date: 2012
completion date: –
area: 170 m2
type: public
source: open competition
client: municipality of Ljubljana

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič,
Naia Sinde, Primož Boršič, Lea Kovič, Vid Zabel, Marko Dekleva, Barbara Žunkovič (model),
Matej Mejak (visualisation)
structure: Gorazd Črnko and dr. Niko Kristanič (Gravitas d.o.o.)

Duplicating the existing footbridge with its dimension, the new ‘double bridge’ provides a smooth and effective transition from river bank to river bank and at the same time enables enough space for people to admire scenes of The Three Bridges and the Shoemaker’s Bridge, or to view and observe events on the river.