Vodice new town centre

municipality, cultural, health, shopping centre

location: Vodice, Slovenia
project date: 2013
completion date: –
area: 10.000 m2
type: public
source: open competition, 1st prize
client: Municipality of Vodice

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič,
Ana Štebe, Jure Kolenc, Martina Marčan,
Naia Sinde, Sergio Sanchez,
Ander Fernandez, Vid Zabel

The urban design concept focuses on establishing a new local ring road – a circular road encircling the future town centre. With this simple change we create a field with a safe series of open spaces between the religious complex and the new civic centre. The Kopitar centre is conceived as the main multipurpose building of the town centre, joining the municipality, cultural, health and shopping programs. The overwhelming scale of the building demanded volumetric structuring above the common base. Each of four smaller pitched volumes above the base contains one specific program, like a library, health centre, municipality offices or community spaces, and helps connect the new centre with the scale and the typology of the surrounding context. Furthermore the roof of the base becomes an additional ground floor – an elevated plaza through the intense connection with the main squares via large multi-use stairs.