casa sistema for granturismo

home or holiday-home > systematic but local

location: Silves, Portugal
project date: 2005
completion date: –
area: 705 m2
type: residential
source: invited competition
client: granturismo

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič, Flavio Coddou, Lea Kovič, Primož Boršič, Tea Smrke

Casa Granturismo is a home or a holiday home with an outdoor living room and an outdoor hallway. The concept of multiple independent en-suite double rooms allows owners to rent out either a room or an apartment.

The project intensifies infinite range of lifestyles, targeting a wide range of users from local inhabitants to four season residents and tourists. The proposed typology re-defines single housing as well as collective, and shifts the boundaries on multiple levels. A systematic approach allows for manifold possible aggregations of the basic unit and the landscape element reacting to site conditions and program requirements. The tourist typology of an en-suite double room merged with the standard typology of the individual house creates a new typology. A system that integrates the generics of the hotel room and the individual characteristics of a private house opens up potential for new types of collectiveness based on co-habitation with different degrees of sharing the outdoor and indoor. The multiplication of an en-suite double room as an independent self-contained element combined with the in-between shared space, constitutes the basic unit of a system allowing for instant spatial adaptability and customization for different users’ needs.

The Algarve climate calls for the redefinition of indoor and outdoor facilities:
> the living room and communications turn into an outdoor space
> service activities (hygiene and cooking) switch their orientation between indoor and outdoor and also serve as a transitional space between indoor and outdoor. The basic unit eventually works as an individual living unit like an apartment, providing for essential activities (sleeping, hygiene, eating, cooking). The outdoor landscape element creates a variety of spaces for extra activities (relaxing, socializing, reading, playing…).