bath laboratory – showroom

mobile furniture - test your bathroom in 1:1

location: Trieste, Italy
project date: 2006 – 2007
completion date: 2007
area: 350 m2
type: retail
source: commission
client: B & M Pertot
photos: Matevž Paternoster

project team: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič, Elisabeth Koller


  • Interior of the year from Month of Design 2009

  • The renovation of the abandoned storage space in the industrial zone of Trieste, Italy led
    to a medium sized bathroom and ceramics showroom. We were interested in the client’s open-minded attitude towards selling strategies. They didn’t want the conventional bathroom showroom where one can find tens or more of desirable ready-made bathrooms, but they were interested in the experimental type. The concept was to conceive the showroom as a laboratory, where toilets, sinks and bathtubs are mobile elements (fixed on custom designed trolleys) to allow individual customers to create improvised, one to one scale, abstract bathroom setups – a 1:1 model of your own bathroom on enlarged “millimetre paper” to become “decimetre paper”.

    The laboratory space is organised into three stripes:
    – parking (parking of bathroom elements)
    – working (work desks and reception for the customers)
    – testing (decimetre paper defines the scale for 1:1 precision)
    All the furniture, including the mobile furniture, is custom made of raw-steel throughout; 4mm thick plates with visible welding. A white curtain wraps the existing storage space to hide the kilometres of different tile samples stored in steel drawers and mostly to provide a white gallery type background for the presentations.